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Liquid Light Brewing Company was founded in September 2017. After years of experience home brewing and working in other breweries, we decided it was time to start our own.


The brewery name is inspired by the artform of Liquid Light projection which started in the 1960s. After watching a Pink Floyd documentary, with liquid light projections displayed behind live performances, we registered the name and started work. Beer and music are our two biggest passions in life and it seemed appropriate that the name of the brewery would in some way reference an artform that has historically paired the two.

We started brewing on a nano kit in our shed. After great success selling small batch brews in bottles, we decided it was time to upscale the recipes. We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity by Gavin, Katrina and Bob to cuckoo brew at Magpie Brewery. When it became apparent that demand was continuing to outstrip supply, we purchased our own 2000L fermenting vessel. This allowed us to upscale our recipes further and package our beers in 440ml cans.

Liquid Light brew co brewery vegan beers taproom nottingham

In 2018, we entered Indy Man Beer Con’s Thirsty Games. Pouring alongside Donzoko and Yonder Brewing and Blending throughout the weekend, we were overwhelmed when we were crowned winners. Since 2018, we have poured at a variety of craft beer festivals across the UK and have had tap takeovers with some of the best independent venues in the country including Port Street Beer House, Friends of Ham, Arcade Beers and Small Bar. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we opened our web store and began delivering beer in growlers, mini kegs and cans. We started a home delivery service which continues to be increasingly popular.

Following the amazing support of beer drinkers throughout the pandemic, and after keeping our eyes peeled for a place to call our own, we finally moved into our own premises in March 2021 where we now have a 22HL brewhouse and the Liquid Light Tap Room. 

Liquid Light brew co brewery vegan beers taproom nottingham


We found our home in Sneinton, Nottingham and purchased our 22HL brewhouse. In June, we opened the Liquid Light Brew Co Tap Room.


In the midst of a global pandemic, we started our online shop and home delivery service, plus Ozzy the miniature dachshund joined the team.


We were given the opportunity to cuckoo brew at Magpie brewery and purchased our own 2000L fermenter. We progressed from packaging in bottles to 440ml cans.


We entered Indy Man Beer Con’s Thirsty Games and were lucky enough to lift the trophy!


In November 2017, our first bottled beers were sold.

Liquid Light brew co brewery vegan beers taproom nottingham


"My interest in brewing beer started when I began drinking real ales in my local pubs. I always thought it would be such an amazing job to make the stuff but did not seriously consider that it might be a possibility to do it myself.


Years later, in 2016, after being inspired by good friends Wild Card Brewery, I decided to start researching the process and invest in some home brewing equipment. I skipped kits and jumped straight in with recipe creation, making beer styles that I wanted to drink. It turns out others did too, and this ethos has stuck with us throughout the years.”


We've always been a big fan of everything related to the 1960's and 1970's, especially the music and art of the era. When we stumbled across an artform that has traditionally married music and art very closely, we instantly knew this was the right aesthetic for our branding. 

We produce all the liquid light images ourselves using vintage analogue projectors, a mix of oils, water and dyes. 

Liquid Light brew co brewery vegan beers taproom nottingham
Liquid Light brew co brewery vegan beers taproom nottingham

Once the liquid light images are produced, we send these

to our amazing designer Liv Auckland (L.R.Creates), who digitally manipulates them into the final designs you see.


Copyright Liv Auckland - Liquid Light -

Liquid Light Brewing Company 

Unit 9, Robin Hood Industrial Estate, Alfred Street South, Sneinton, Nottingham, NG3 1GE

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